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Users accessing or using this website, its products and services acknowledge that they have carefully read, understood, accepted this Terms before using this Website and they are bound by this Terms and other applicable rules of SportsArena11. SportsArena11 reserves the right to modify any part of these Terms, Privacy Policy and other applicable rules at its sole discretion without prior notice. You are therefore requested to look over our Terms, Privacy Policy and other applicable rules from time to time for any changes or modifications. If you don’t agree to our modified Terms you may terminate your membership at your option. However, if you continue to use this Website, its products and services, you will be deemed to have accepted our modified Terms, Privacy Policy and other applied rules. SportsArena11 will give its best efforts to notify you of any changes made to our regulations; however SportsArena11 has no obligation to do the same.

Websites Services

SportsArena11 provides an opportunity to internet users for playing games of skill for amusement and entertainment. Sports enthusiasts can play fantasy sports, in our website designed and developed purely in the form of a game of skill, apart from having an opportunity to win cash prizes, which has no connection with gambling. SportsArena11 prohibits any betting and gambling taking place outside our website on the games played in this Website and is not responsible for it.

User Obligations

All Users of this website agree to abide by the following rules and regulations while using this Website:

  1. A User must not use this Website, its products and services for perpetrating any offence prohibited and punishable under the Indian laws or commit any other illegal activities prohibited by Law
  2. A User must not harass, bully, sexually assault, sexually harass, stalk, defame, upload obscene, profane indecent material with intent to harass or embarrass any other User of this Website
  3. Users shall provide true and accurate information about their identity, address, payment method and other information that may be required at the time of registration and shall also update their information in case there are any changes.
  4. A User is entitled to keep one account only. A User must inform SportsArena11 and take its permission, if User intends to use more than one account. A User must not disclose his own password to third parties or allow other Users to use his account. A User must inform SportsArena11, if he feels that a password is not confidential anymore and his account is no more secure.
  5. All Users must respect the Intellectual Property Rights of SportsArena11 and other Users. Users must not infringe or attempt to infringe the intellectual property rights of SportsArena11, this Website and other Users.
  6. Users must not upload any virus, bots, Trojan horse, computer program, cheats, third party software, automation, in order to disrupt SportsArena11 or its products and services, or to gain any confidential information out of SportsArena11, relating to its User accounts, proprietary information, and private information.
  7. User shall not use login which indecent, abusive, defaming or obscene in nature or which might put down the reputation of SportsArena11 before the public.
  8. Users under the age of 18 years shall not engage in any activities expressly prohibited by this Terms.
  9. Users shall not defame, bring down the reputation of SportsArena11 in front the public by comments, testimonials posts in chat rooms or through private messages.
  10. Users must not hack any servers, networks, third party services which SportsArena11 uses for providing its services and products to its Users in order to disrupt or make its services unavailable.
  11. User should use this Website, its services and products for his own personal entertainment only. Any commercial use of this Website, its services and products by any User or third party is strictly prohibited.
  12. User should not impersonate another person, including representatives, officers, and agents of SportsArena11 or misrepresent himself to be a representative of affiliate of some other entity or modify content in order to make it look like that it originates from a particular entity.
  13. User should not collect personal information about other Users by unauthorized and illegal means.
  14. Users should not employ the use of software including but not limited to hacks, Code, robots to win a game. Such unfair means of winning a game is strictly prohibited in this Website.

Intellectual Property Rights

  1. All intellectual property rights to the Website’s content including without limitation this Website’s text, logo’s, all forms of software, games, source code, audio, videos, images, marks, website’s design, etc. together with intellectual property rights of SportsArena11 in its trademarks, service marks, design, trade names, copyright, patents, etc. which may be displayed or contained in this Website is sole and exclusive property of SportsArena11. No User shall infringe the intellectual property rights of SportsArena11 by adopting any means including but not limited to copying, using, modifying, displaying, publishing aforementioned content without the express permission of SportsArena11.
  1. User’s undertake that the content they upload in this Website does not infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties or other Users of this Website and they are solely responsible for the content they upload. User’s agree to indemnify and hold harmless SportsArena11, its assigns, representatives, directors, affiliates, and assigns against all expenses, costs of litigation, damages, losses, Advocate’s fees in relation to any third party claims of intellectual property infringement due to the content uploaded by the User in this Website.
  2.  For any claims, disputes, controversies arising out of any infringement trademark, logo, service mark, design, labels or other intellectual property of any User or third party must be brought up against the particular User responsible for such infringement and they are to be notified through SportsArena11.
  3.  By uploading content in the Website, User grants exclusive license to the SportsArena11, its associates, partners, affiliates, licensors, agents a royalty free worldwide license to use, reproduce, publish uploaded content for the purpose of displaying the content in the Website or transferring it to other Users or for storing it in any database or to allow publicly displayed User data to be downloaded or acquired.

Membership Eligibility

  1. Person’s of any age can use the free services of this Website. However a person under the age of 18 years should take consent of guardian before accessing this website or using its free products and services. If SportsArena11 discovers at any moment that a minor is accessing, using any services of the Website which is prohibited by this Terms, SportsArena11 can terminate their membership of such User at its own discretion. A User interested to subscribe our paid services or wanting to enter into contests,  which has a prize, must fulfill the following criteria:
  1. The person must not be one of unsound mind
  2. The person must not be under 18 years of age
  3. The person must not be incompetent to contract as per Indian laws
  4. A User must not be a resident of the State of Assam,Odisha and Telangana
  5. A User must register with a valid email address
  1. A User in order to use this website, its services and products must be a resident of India.

Links to Third Party Sites

User acknowledges and understands that this Website may contain links to third party sites, products and services. Such third party websites are governed by their own rules, regulations and policy. SportsArena11 is not responsible for their conduct, governing policy or content nor does SportsArena11 endorse such third party sites. User must decide whether to access or use such third party sites at their own discretion and are advised to go through the governing rules and regulations of such sites carefully before using such sites.

Warranty Disclaimer

Despite consistent efforts on the part of SportsArena11 to provide the services and products promised by it and to maintain quality, this Website and its services is provided on “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis. SportsArena11 does not provide any warranty regarding the availability of this website at all times or the Website shall be free from errors or the Website and its services shall be timely, accurate and without any interruption or the Website and its Services shall be free from viruses, malware, adware which may cause harm to the computer or software of the User. This Website, its products and services is provided without any express or implied warranty regarding fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability, quality, accuracy of information provided in this Website, and accuracy of the games. User accesses this website and uses the services of this Websit at their own risk.


By accessing or using SportsArena11’s products and Services, User hereby grants permission to SportsArena11 to do the following:

  1. User hereby grants permission to SportsArena11 to display the content they upload in their public profile to other Users of this Website.
  2. The Users grant permission to display comments, feedback and reviews of SportsArena11 products and services to other Users and third party media for publicity.
  3. The Users who have won a prize from SportsArena11 agrees to make himself available for any promotional purposes and

Payment and Subscription:

Subscription to any of the paid services and payment for the same shall be governed by the following terms and conditions:

  1. Users must register in this Website and create an account before using the paid services of this Website.
  2. All cash won by a User or Participant shall be credited to his account and thereafter a User may request a withdrawal of the amount to his or her bank account by using a withdrawal option in the Website. The payment shall be credited to a User’s personal bank account only in the name which has been given at the time of registration in the Website and under no circumstances SportsArena11 shall make payment to any third party bank account or account of any other User.
  3. Users should refer to the Payment page in our Website and to know about the current fees structure for availing different facilities and services and the available payment methods and also for information regarding payment process and account balance.
  4. Transactions in our website may take upto 24 hours for becoming processed. Debits and credits made to the Users Game account may take upto 24 to get reflected.

Games and Contests

SportsArena11 has a set of rules and regulations for playing games and contests in the Website. The detailed rules and regulations for playing contest with and without prizes can be found in the “How to Play?” and “FAQ” page. User shall also get information regarding the procedure and factors which determine the winner of the game over there. SportsArena11 agrees to abide by the rules and regulations stated in the How to Play? page apart from other applicable rules and regulations.


The following conditions apply to any prizes which you may win from our website:

  1. SportsArena11 shall notify winners through email within 24 hours from after a game ends.
  2. Payment shall be made at the bank account of the winner on weekly or monthly basis.
  3. In case any disputes arises as to who has won the prize the decision taken by SportsArena11 shall be final.
  4. All cash prizes won from our website shall be subject to TDS. TDS certificates shall be issued to all winners monthly, quarterly or annually depending on the term of their membership, if it is required as per regulations. Winners are also obligated to pay other taxes that the winnings may be subject to including but not limited to Income tax, wealth tax, gift tax, etc.
  5. The User shall bear transaction charges which may be levied for transferring any cash prizes to the Users account. In case a non-cash prize is declared as the winnings of any contest, the User must bear any transit charges and courier charges which may be required for delivering the prize at the Users destination. SportsArena11 is responsible for any loss in transit, non-delivery of prize, return or damage to the prize nor is it obligated to exchange the prize or to send a new prize in such case.
  6. Only the User winning the prize is entitled to receive it. All prizes are not non-exchangeable, non-redeemable and non-transferable. As part inherent to the business SportsArena11 relies on aggressive promotion and free contests to keep the site interesting. At any point of time, users’ deposits are always secured and are refundable even in extreme situation of financial stress that may arise in rare case. The site does not guarantee win amounts to be payable in these situations. The site reserves the right to do the needful to get the business back to survival mode.
  7. The site depends on third parties and manual entry of data relating to winnings. As such any prizes declared or awarded by SportsArena11 because of any error or mistakes is liable to be withdrawn or forfeited.

Account and Registration

  1. Users must create an account in order to use the free or paid services of SportsArena11. While registering Users must provide the following information for registration:
  1. Legal Name
  2. Complete Address
  3. Email Address
  4. Password
  5. Date of Birth
  6. Gender
  7. Bank account details and Payment mode (Only required for availing paid services or making withdrawals)
  8. Proof of Identity (Only required for availing paid services and features)
  1. Users must provide correct information while registering and the name of the account holder and other personal information must match with his bank account details and proof of identity documents.
  2. Users from Assam and Odisha are not allowed to participate in paid programs and as such they shall not be allowed for paid services once they create an account. All liability goes to the User belonging to a Assam and Odisha in case they falsely claim they are residents from other states and participate in paid contests. SportsArena11 shall forfeit all money won by such misrepresentation.
  3. On successful registration Users shall be sent an email for verification of email address. Users must follow the link and verify the email address after which they shall be sent the login and password details.

Service Area

SportsArena11 provides its services to all persons residing in India except those residing in Assam and Odisha. Our services are restricted to India only for the time being and residents of other nations cannot access or use our services for the time being.

Release and Indemnification

representatives, agents, officers, assigns and hold them harmless from and against all liability, injury, damage, death, destruction of property, attorneys fees, legal costs and expenses, advocates fees, whether direct, indirect, consequential, which may be caused and suffered because of any act, negligence, omission, entering into any contests, violation of the Terms or other applicable rules and regulations, on the Users part.


User agrees to release and indemnify SportsArena11, its directors, employees, representatives, agents, officers, assigns and hold them harmless from and against all and against all third party claims (including without limitation for all injury, losses, damage, death, destruction of property, attorneys fees, legal costs and expenses, advocates fees, whether direct, indirect, consequential, which may be caused and suffered because of any act, negligence, omission, entering into any contests, violation of the Terms or other applicable rules and regulations, on the Users  part.

Limitation of Liability

User agrees that SportsArena11 does not assume any liability for any direct, indirect, consequential losses, damages including without limitation damages for loss of profits, damage to equipment, death, destruction of data, loss of goodwill, damages for any inaccurate information, technical malfunction, deletions or damage to any data stored in any computer or database, damage to the computer or equipment of any User, unavailability of this Website, its products and services due congestion, electronic malfunction, or typographical errors or any combination thereof  because of User accessing this Website, its services or products or entering into any contests.


If under any circumstances a User is found to be in violation of any rules and regulation laid down by this terms, SportsArena11 can at its absolute and sole discretion take any of the following measures:

  1. Delete, deactivate, and deny access to this Website temporary or permanently to any User.
  2. Pursue legal action for damages caused by you.
  3. Forfeit cash balance in your account, deny all prizes won by you or to which you are entitled, recover any prize money in violation of our terms and other applicable rule.
  4. Send a formal notice and ask for compliance within 24 hours or more depending on the gravity of the situation and violation.
  5. Inform the law enforcement authorities and initiate legal action against a particular User at its own option.
  6. SportsArena11's decision shall be final regarding the measure to be adopted against a particular User for any violation of the express obligation laid down by this Terms.

Refund Policy

All payments are final. No refunds will be issued. In the event of a dispute regarding the identity of the person submitting an entry, the entry will be deemed submitted by the person in whose name the account was registered.


  1. Some limited number of employees, representatives of the company may play or participate in any contest to test the website functionality and for user satisfaction. In such cases any prizes won by the employees or representatives of the company thought participation in any contest which has a prize shall belong to the Company.
  2. If any of the terms and conditions mentioned herein or other applicable rules and regulations become unenforceable or void as per law, the other terms and conditions and applicable rules and regulations shall remain effective and enforceable.
  3. Users should refer to our Privacy Policy to know what information is being collected from them and how it is being used.
  4. In case any services or products of this website are stopped, the User shall not be entitled to make any demands or claims of any nature whatsoever.

Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

The laws of Republic of India shall be applied to resolve all disputes arising out of use of this Website’s products and services, and violation of this Website’s Terms, Privacy Policy and other applicable rules. The Court’s in Kolkata, West Bengal shall have exclusive jurisdiction for entertaining all disputes arising out of use of this website, its services and products.

By using this Website’s products and services, SportsArena11 and Users consent to resolve all disputes relating to any claim arising out of use of this website, its services or products, entering into any contests, violation of any term, agreement, rules and regulation by adopting the following procedure:

  1. Any party having any grievance shall send a written notice to the other party, stating the grievance and making express demand of any relief claimed. The parties shall thereafter strive to resolve the dispute through discussion and negotiation.
  2. In case the dispute cannot be resolved within 15 days, through negotiation and discussion the matter shall be resolved through arbitration. In such case, either SportsArena11 or the concerned User shall notify the other about their intention to resolve the matter through arbitration.
  3. The User must file an action for any claim arising out of use of this website, its services or products, entering into any contests, violation of any term, agreement, rules and regulation within 30 days from the moment the cause of action arises or SportsArena11 shall not be held liable. The user shall be deemed to have relinquished his accrued right for which he would have become entitled to file a suit, if the user fails to file an action within the aforementioned period.
  4. In case SportsArena11 or any User decides to resolve the matter through arbitration, the place of arbitration shall be Kolkata and Users consent and give express right and authority to SportsArena11 for appointing an arbitrator. SportsArena11 shall appoint an impartial and unprejudiced sole arbitrator.
  5. The cost of arbitration shall be borne by all parties to the dispute equally and any interim or final arbitral award made by the arbitrator shall be binding on the all parties. The arbitrator shall have all powers granted to him by the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996.
  6. SportsArena11 has the right to pursue legal action in any court of law, which it may be entitled to take as per law for the same cause of action even though a matter is pending before the arbitrator regarding the same cause of action. SportsArena11 does not waive its right to file a suit in any court of law or to take legal action which is criminal in nature, which it may be entitled to take as per law, irrespective of whether a matter is pending before the arbitrator regarding the same issue or because the matter is to be resolved through arbitration.

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