What’s fantasy sports?

Fantasy sports is a game of skills where you use your knowledge about sports, the real match, in particular, and the real players; to build your own team based on the real players, and then take part in predefined (number of entries, entry amount and win amount) contests. Users like you, participate in the contests. You earn points (eventually credit) as your selected players perform during the real match vis-a-vis other users’ players.

How many Fantasy Cricket teams can I create with the same Email Id?

You can create Four Fantasy Cricket Team for a single round with one e-mail id. Multiple teams give high probability to win a lot of cash!

I’m sure I've got the right username and password but I still can't log in.

That’s strange! If you are sure that you are a registered user on sportsarena11.com and are entering the correct details, please email us at support@sportsarena11.com. Our Customer Care team will be happy to assist you.

I don't know much about cricket – can I still play?

You can still play the game, however; it will give you an added advantage if you know about cricket.

Are fantasy sports legal?

There are tons of realistic research done to establish that users with more knowledge about the sports and players win over others. This clearly defines fantasy sports as game of skills. And game of skills is 100% legal. Legalities in Assam, Telangana and Orissa for games of skills are not very clear. Hence we do not allow residents from these three states to participate in the paid leagues. If we found that resident from these three states have tried to participate in paid leagues or deposited any amount in SportsArena11 wallet then SportsArena11 team has the right to forfeit the amount and disable the account for that user. No reimbursement will be entertained in these circumstances. However, they can continue playing on our website with free leagues.

How much time does it take for credits to be deposited to bank after withdrawal request?

We try to do it on the same day. But depending on the processing queue and admin workload, it could take up to three business days.

How do I refer friends?

You could use the refer friends button in the menu bar to send the invite for registering at the site. You can also like and share out the Facebook page. You may be eligible for the special bonus if many of your referred friends become paid users and play at the site regularly.

How do I play the Fantasy Cricket Game?

Please follow these simple steps to play the world’s largest Fantasy Cricket game of skill and win cash legally! 1 - Register / Log in on www.SportsArena11.com after choosing your sport and country. 2 - Click on the ‘Create Team’ button for the particular match you want to join. 3 - Select your Fantasy Team of 11 players (including a Captain and V-Captain) within the virtual budget of 100 Cr from all the players in the particular match. 4 - Join Paid or Free Leagues of your choice. Paid Leagues let you win Cash and require an entry fee, for which we provide multiple payment methods such as Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net banking, Mobile Payments and Cash Cards. 5 - Once the Live match starts, your Fantasy Team starts earning points on the basis of actual performance of the players selected by you. Final points, rankings, and winners are declared after the end of the match. Please visit our help section where you can check out our awesome tutorial video! We're sure you’ll select a kickass team that will win you loads of cash!

When does the Fantasy Cricket Game start?

The Fantasy Cricket game starts as soon as the deadline for the round ends.

How do I select my Fantasy Cricket Team?

After logging into your SportsArena11.com account, click on the ‘Create Team’ button for the particular Round you want to join. Select your Fantasy Team of 11 players (including a Captain and V-Captain) within the virtual budget of 100 Cr from all the players in the particular match. For more guidance, please click on the ‘Creating Your Team’ link in our 'Help' section more details. We’re sure you’ll select a kick-ass team and hope you win a lot of cash!

Can I change my Fantasy Cricket team for future rounds?

Yes, you are required to create a new Fantasy Cricket team for every round on SportsArena11.com

What if one of my chosen cricketers does not play in the round?

Need to choose your Fantasy Team carefully, Champ! The player who does not feature in the starting 11 in the matches (included in the round) does not get any Fantasy Points.

How many cricketers are needed to create a Fantasy Cricket team?

You need to select 11 cricketers to create a Fantasy Cricket Team, with a minimum of 3 bowlers, 3 batsmen, 0 all-rounders and 1 wicket-keeper, while the other 4 cricketers can be from any category.

Can I choose cricketers from one cricket team only?

We allow a maximum of 7 cricketers to be selected from one cricket team.

I’ve spent my entire budget before selecting all 11 players. How do I complete my Fantasy Cricket Team?

Here comes your skill, you need to choose your team keeping in mind the credits of the players as credit is like a virtual budget.

What is the use of a captain in the Fantasy Cricket Team?

The Captains always has some charisma! The cricketer you choose to be your Fantasy Cricket team’s captain will give you twice the points and VC will give you 1.5 times the points for his performance. So choose your Trump Cards thoughtfully!

Can I edit my Fantasy Cricket team during the round?

No, you cannot change the team once the game starts.

How can I see my Fantasy Cricket Team’s rankings?

You can click on the particular round that you have created your Fantasy Team for, click on the ‘Joined’ tab just above the league options and then click on the 'Show' button to see the updated points and rankings for yourself and your opponents in that League.

How can I change my Fantasy Cricket Team Name?

The team name is permanent

How do I create Multiple Teams for the same Round?

Multiple team option will be given in the league.

How many Teams can I create in a Round?

You can create up to 4 separate teams in a single round.

Is it possible to choose which of my teams compete in a league (Team 1 or Team 2) after joining?

Yes! We have a this facility to choose your team in a league (Choose Team 1 or Team 2 to compete) from ‘Joined Leagues’ tab until the deadline.

How will I score points in the game ?

You will score points depending on how the cricketers in your SportsArena11.com Team perform in the Real time matches. So make sure you pick a winning combination to help you win cash. Please have a look at our ‘Points System’ in the ‘How to Play’ section to understand the details.

Will I get points for Man of the Match?

No! there are no points to be earned for Man of the Match.

What if there is a tie between users? How will you distribute the prize?

If there is a tie between 2 or more users, then the prize money will be equally distributed among the users. However, only in the case of a 2 member League, the entire amount that has been invested will be refunded to both users if their teams were exactly the same, including the Captain and VC.

Will I get points for the Super Over in a Match?

No, you cannot earn points for the super over.

Can’t reach Customer Care on Live Help. Why?

The ‘Live Help’ feature is available from Monday - Friday from 10.30am - 6.30pm IST. If we are not online you can yet leave us a message and we will get back to you at the earliest.

What type of Leagues can I participate in ?

You can participate in all types of the league be it small like 2 members, 3 members or 1o members etc. You can also participate in the free leagues initially to understand the game and then join the paid leagues.

What are Public & Private Leagues?

This is the interesting part of us Public Leagues are open for all to participate in; whereas Private Leagues let you invite & challenge your own friends in the same League. You can invite your friends by email or through Facebook! Only those who have the code to a private league can join that particular league.

How can I join Leagues?

Once the team is created there will be a ‘join now’ button. After this, the list of leagues will be displayed on the screen and you can join the league according to your interest.

What are Paid & Skill Leagues?

Paid Leagues are where user have to pay the minimal entry fee and will compete with each other to win lots and lots of cash. The prize money will be awarded to the user on the basis of their rankings in the league. In Skill League, the user will participate with each other for superiority. There will be no entry fees for this type of leagues. This will enhance your skills and will boost your confidence to participate in paid leagues.

What happens if the Cricket match is abandoned?

For Single Match rounds: : If the match is abandoned, the round will be canceled and the entry fees will be refunded. This includes scenarios where the match is abandoned without a single ball being bowled, as well as where the match is abandoned after it has started. : For the rounds with 2 or more matches: : Even if one match in the round is completed, the round will be processed and winners will be declared for the same. Notes: 1) If a match is abandoned without a single ball being bowled i.e. the status is 'Match abandoned without a ball bowled', the points earned by the cricketers during that match will be considered as 0. 2) If the match is abandoned after it has started i.e. the status is 'No Result' the points earned by the cricketers from the abandoned match will be considered in the fantasy scorecard.

What do I win in a Skill League?

You’ve to pay a little Cash to win more Cash in return. But the beauty of sportsarena11 is that you have a chance to win different prizes in a skill league.

Can I get my friend(s) to join the same League in which I am playing?

Yes, you can play the league with your friends for which we have the concept of private leagues where you share the unique code with them via facebook or email and make them join your league.

Can I view other users' Fantasy Cricket Team(s) in the competition?

Yes, you can view the teams of other users only after deadlines for the respective leagues has been closed.

Do I have to create a separate Fantasy Cricket Team for each League?

No you can join several leagues with one team or you can create a different team (maximum 5) for different leagues.

How will I get the confirmation if I win a Cash prize?

You will be informed via email and the winning amount will be transferred to your SportsArena11 wallet.

Does the amount I win has any expiry date?

The winning amount doesn’t have any expiry date; you can transfer the amount in your bank account anytime you want once you have registered the details with us else it will be transferred to your account automatically within 9 months. The important part is to verify your bank details with us. Otherwise, the amount will be forfeited to SportsArena11’s account.

Is it safe to pay through your website?

Totally! To safeguard that all the payments are safe and secure, we use reputed and verified third-party payment gateways that have multiple security checks and abide every single law on online transactions.

How do I get through the payment gateway?

You don’t need to do anything special; we will take care of this during the payment process. We’re sure you will find the entire payment process trouble-free.

How do I get notification for my transaction?

For all successful transactions, you will get a confirmation email with your Order Id and the Amount from SportsArena11.com.

What if my account balance is not correct?

It is a very rare scenario!! But if you require any help regarding your SportsArena11.com account balance or any other Fantasy Cricket queries, please feel free to email us at helpdesk@sportsarena11.com.

What if the payment is deducted from my card and not updated in the SportsArena11 account?

Your money is safe with us. This generally happens when there is a delay in communication from the bank side or there is a disruption when the transaction is being processed. Please reach out to us at helpdesk@sportsarena11.com with your card/bank statement screenshot which confirms the debit of your transaction amount, so that we can check and resolve this for you.

I’m getting an error message when I am trying to pay via the payment gateway?

The mode of payment you have chosen may not be authorized by your bank, in which case you should call them and get it fixed. Please reach out to us at helpdesk@sportsarena11.com with the error message screenshot so that we can advise you on how to complete your transaction.

How long does it take for my deposited amount to be credited into my SportsArena11.com account balance?

It will be deposited in your SportsArena11 account within seconds! If the updated balance is not reflected in your account, please reach out to us at helpdesk@sportsarena11.com.

Can I withdraw promotional cash from my un utilized account?

The amount deposited in your ‘Unutilized’ Account can only be used to join leagues on SportsArena11.com. This cannot be withdrawn to your bank account for any reason whatsoever.

Does the amount in my ‘Unutilized’ Account have any expiry date?

All amounts credited to your ‘Unutilized’ Account must be utilized within 180 days of credit. In case any unutilized amount lies in the Game Account after the completion of 180 days from the date of credit of such amount, SportsArena11.com reserves the right to forfeit such unutilized amount, without liability or obligation to pay any compensation to you. Please check our Terms & Conditions for detailed information on this aspect.

In what order does my Account Balance get utilized towards the entry fee for a paid league?

First, it will utilize the money from the unutilized account and then from the deposited amount.

Is Verification necessary to Join Leagues on SportsArena11.com?

NO. You can Join Leagues on SportsArena11.com without verifying your account. When you Win Paid Leagues, your winnings will be deposited in your SportsArena11.com account. Verification becomes mandatory only before you can make Withdrawals from your SportsArena11.com account to your Bank account.

How do I get my SportsArena11.com account verified?

Account verification is a one-time process. For your account to be verified, click on the wallet icon/account balance on top of the page, and then click on the “Verify Now” button. Follow the steps mentioned below to get your SportsArena11.com account verified: 1 - Upload PAN number and PAN card image 2 - Upload bank details and bank account proof 3 - Verify your mobile by giving a missed call to the number displayed on the screen 4 - Click on 'Submit Verification'. Check your email and click on the 'Submit Now' button to verify your email ID registered with SportsArena11.com. We'll take it from here and you will receive an update on the verification status within 3 working days!

What if I want to update some details in my SportsArena11.com account?

Easy! Details like your Name, Mobile number, Date of Birth, Address etc. can be edited by clicking on your Team Name and then on ‘Edit Profile’ after logging in to your SportsArena11.com account anytime you want.

Why do I need a PAN card for ID proof?

SportsArena11.com is the World’s No. 1 Fantasy Cricket Game of Skill where you can Win Cash legally! Your withdrawals on SportsArena11.com involve transfer of money from your SportsArena11.com account to your bank account, and hence PAN card has become a obligatory requirement for id proof. In case you do not have a PAN card, you can still join the Leagues on SportsArena11.com, and your winnings will be deposited in your SportsArena11.com account. You can apply for a PAN card in the meantime; once you receive the PAN card, upload it along with the address proof and bank details to get your SportsArena11.com account verified. You will then be able to withdraw any amounts to your bank account.

Why did my verification get rejected?

Some of the major reasons why your verification request may be rejected are mentioned below: 1 - PAN card (mandatory) is not uploaded as ID proof for verification.Your withdrawals on SportsArena11.com involve the transfer of money. Hence PAN card is mandatory in order to get your SportsArena11.com account verified. Please upload a clear image of your PAN card. 2 - PAN number on the card does not match with the PAN number entered during verification request. Double check the PAN number that you have entered to avoid errors. 3 - Date of Birth on the PAN card does not match with the Date of Birth on your SportsArena11.com account.Please ensure that you enter the exact Date of Birth on the verification request, as it appears on the PAN card. Name on the PAN card does not match with the name on the bank account. You can withdraw money from your SportsArena11.com account only to your own bank account. Hence the name of the PAN card and bank account need to match. IFSC code provided in the bank details is incorrect / belongs to a different bank branch than the one mentioned for verification purposes. If you provide the wrong IFSC code, your money could be transferred to someone else's account so make sure that you enter the correct code. You can find the IFSC code in your chequebook, passbook or bank statements. If you're not sure, please contact your bank to get the correct code. The documents uploaded by you are not clear/visible. Our experts are humans after all! Please help them by uploading clear documents so that they can verify your details quickly. Bank account number entered in verification request does not match with account number appearing on the uploaded proof. You don't want your hard earned money going to someone else's account right? Neither do we! So please ensure that you enter the exact bank account number in the verification request, as it appears on the bank account proof. In the rare case that your verification request gets rejected, the reason for rejection will also appear on top of the verification page for your reference.

How do I withdraw money from my SportsArena11.com account?

The amount that is withdrawn should be your winnings and not the promotional money. The money will be transferred to your account only after the verification is done. It will be transferred to your account within 5 days.

What is the minimum & maximum amount that can be withdrawn from my SportArena11.com account?

The minimum limit for a single withdrawal request is Rs.1000 and the maximum limit that you can withdraw is Rs.2,00,000/.

What bank account details should I provide for withdrawal/ verification?

We need you to provide the following necessary bank account details: Name of the bank Name of the branch Name of Account Holder Account No. IFSC Code.

Is the paid version of Fantasy Cricket legal in India?

Yes, please review the Legality section on our website for more details.

Can I play if I’m under the age of 18?

We’re sorry, this game is strictly for users who are 18 years or above

Do I need to pay taxes while withdrawing money to my bank account?

Taxes are deducted at source wherever applicable and paid out by us, as per the Income Tax Act 1961. Winners will be provided TDS certificates in respect of such tax deductions, if applicable. However, you shall be responsible for payment of any other applicable tax, including but not limited to, income tax, gift tax, etc. in respect of the Cash Prizes money won. If you have any queries regarding taxation, we would suggest consulting with a tax expert. For more information, please check with our Terms and Conditions.

What are the taxes applicable if I win more than Rs.10,000?

As per the Income Tax Act 1961, if your winnings for a single league is more than Rs.10,000, a tax of 30.9% will be deducted. The remaining amount (69.10%) will be credited to your winnings balance. For e.g. If you win Rs.1,00,000, a tax of Rs.30,900 will be deducted and your actual winnings are Rs.69,100.

What is promotional balance ?

a.) Promotional Balance • The cash which we give to the user after registering his mobile number. • The referral cash we give to the user. • Winning amount of the free leagues. b.) Winning Balance • The amount won by the user in paid leagues. • The amount deposited by the user through his bank account.

How to withdraw money ?

a.) Withdrawal Process: • The user should only be able to withdraw the amount only if his Phone no., PAN Details, and Bank Account details have been verified. • If user withdraws the amount, we'll receive the notification via email and SMS about the withdrawal. • The user's transaction will be verified after the request and the money will be credited within 1 week.

What is there for new user?

A new user will get up to Rs 1000 for log in on SportsArena11 account. - Rs 5 for verifying the mobile number - Rs 15 for verifying the PAN card - Rs 30 for verifying the Bank Account details - 100% on the first transaction up to Rs 950 (For eg: If user deposit Rs 50 into his account then Rs 50 will be added to there promotional balance) This is valid only for first transaction. The more the amount you deposit for the first time the more promotional cash you will receive.

What is the referral policy of SportsArena11?

Now, the SportsArena11 user will get the benefit for being loyal. They will get up to Rs 2000 per referral. - Rs 5 if the referred user verify the mobile number - Rs 15 if the referred user verify the PAN card - Rs 30 if the referred user verify the Bank Account details - 50% on the first transaction of the referred user up to Rs 1950 (For eg: If the referred user deposit Rs 50 into his account then Rs 25 will be added as a promotional balance to the account of the user who has referred the above user). This is valid only for first transaction. The more the amount you deposit for the first time the more promotional cash you will receive.

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